Energy Tech Club
We save energy applying reliable hardware and innovative software
Project application

Solution for your business
You have a business, with significant electricity consumption.
We evaluate your case and develop the relevant set of equioment and soft.
We install the equipment and soft onto your equipment at ZERO cost for you.
You start saving energy consumption up to 60% every day.
Comparison of electricity consumption
before and after switching on the unit
We apply VSDs from best manufacturers worldwide, electing those most relevant and efficient for exact projects, exact equipment.

Projects might also include sensors, measuring equipment for even more impressive results where applicable.
Two types of software is used in the projects, The first is applicable and is managing equipment performance - VSDs, sensors etc.

The second type is linking all the devices into a blockchain for management, security, reporting and product development purposes.
Where applicable
EnergyTech product is efficient wherever electric engines are applied. Starting from a simple swimming pool and up to whole water parks. The equipment has already proven efficiency in tens of industries, including machinery and engineering, leisure, oil production and refinery.
How it works
Engine are normally programmed to perform at their maximum capacity or very close to it. All time. What we do is intelligently manage it, enabling them accomplish their faction and minimal energy cost. Each project requires careful hardware selection to match the target and sophisticated software tuning.
The key advantages of ETC solution
Zero cost
All equipment costs, software development and installation are covered by ETC.
Up to 60% saving
You start saving on energy consumption the very day of solution is applied and installed.
Bonus side effect
Optimized engine functioning decreases its average temperature while operated 10% temperature decrease doubles your engine lifetime.
Some cases the tech is partially or fully implemented
Solution implementation workflow
The customer sends a request with the saving target equipment description.
ETC experts study the request, issue an analytical report on the achievable amount of consumption savings.
Based the request and the study, ETC decides whether it is ready to undertake the project.
The client an ETC sign the contract on applying the solution in client's business
ETC assembles the equipment, installs software and monitoring system. The meters are connected to the customer's system for automatic generation of reports and mutual settlements.
The system is configured and launched, reports are sent to the customer and ETC.
Tuning, monitoring, upgrades
ETC monitors the efficiency of the system in real time, makes adjustments if necessary, updates software and equipment.
Mutual settlements occur automatically,. At the end of each month ETC sends invoices for part of the saved funds, the Customer's system verifies the invoices with its own data, and mutual settlements take place.
Interested in evaluating your business?
Drop us a note on your business and equipment used, we will then arrange an online meeting and discuss the opportunity
Frequently asked questions
Where can ETC solution be applied?
  • Any electric engines
How big saving may be achieved?
  • Up to 70% saving is documented in some cases
  • 25-50% is standard saving in many industries
  • Most saving is achieved in engines involved in pumping - pools, water parks. 50-60% is an ordinary saving result here
Is he equipment certified?
  • All the equipment used has international certificates obtained by the accord manufacturers
  • The software is included in the Register of Domestic Software of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia. The IT platform has successfully passed the bench tests of the FSO of Russia.
How is the saving achieved?
Depending on the exact business, project, the exact electricity consuming equipment the results are achieved through
  • the hardware
    • VSDs
    • sensors
    • other
  • the soft, managing the VSDs, monitoring the sensors, etc.
  • blockchain